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What is a Corporate Art Consultant? Much like an interior designer, a corporate art consultant provides information, develops the corporate art theme and guides their customers through the process of selecting and creating an art program for the corporate environs. They work with their customer's time and budgetary guidelines to create an atmosphere which compliments their customer's thought process for the space involved.

Our staff brings vision, experience and the vital elements needed for successful project completion. Our corporate art consultant's passion for museum quality oil painting reproductions, coupled with their knowledge of art styles, individual artist's works of art, interior color schemes, painting frame designs and manufacturing techniques, art subjects, industry best practices, your office culture and the day to day activities of the occupants of the space makes for well executed projects. Our corporate art consultants can turn your environment into a well-designed work space which reflects your corporate image.

Why do most corporations use Corporate Art Consultants?
  • To further define the character and image of the corporation
  • To project a professional image to customers and business affiliates
  • To welcome visitors and provide a hospitable, comfortable, interesting environment
  • To boost the morale and productivity of the employees
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