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Card Game Paintings


card game paintings

 are always 100% hand-painted on high grade canvas by one of our skilled artists.
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Displaying 1 to 21 (of 46 oil paintings)
Cardplayers - Paul Cezanne
Paul Cezanne
Item No.: SA55958-6
from $199.00
Woman Playing Cards - Pierre Auguste Renoir
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Item No.: SA59290-6
from $199.00
Game of Bezique - Gustave Caillebotte
Gustave Caillebotte
Item No.: SA35204-8
from $249.00
High-Jack-Game - Thomas Le Clear
Thomas Le Clear
Item No.: SA65916-8
from $249.00
The Card Players - Frederick Arthur Bridgeman
Frederick Arthur Bridgeman
Item No.: SA30413-7
from $229.00
The Fortune Teller - Jean Frederic Bazille
Jean Frederic Bazille
Item No.: SA43006-7
from $229.00
The Little Joker - John George Brown
John George Brown
Item No.: SA45906-8
from $249.00
A Game of Preference - Victor Mikhail Vasnetsov
Victor Mikhail Vasnetsov
Item No.: SA67450-8
from $249.00
An Elegant Company Playing Cards - Gerbrand Van den Eeckhout
Gerbrand Van den Eeckhout
Item No.: SA33188-7
from $229.00
Brawling Peasants - Adriaen Brouwer
Adriaen Brouwer
Item No.: SA10431-7
from $229.00
Card Game - Theodoor Rombouts
Theodoor Rombouts
Item No.: SA64770-8
from $249.00
Card Players in Brittany - Robert Wylie
Robert Wylie
Item No.: SA62490-8
from $249.00
Card Players on the Steamboat - William Aiken Walker
William Aiken Walker
Item No.: SA68809-8
from $249.00
Card-Playing Soldiers - Willem Cornelisz Duyster
Willem Cornelisz Duyster
Item No.: SA68600-7
from $229.00
Card-Sharpers - The Elder Jacob Van  Oost
The Elder Jacob Van Oost
Item No.: SA40608-7
from $229.00
Card-sharpers - Valentin De boulogne
Valentin De boulogne
Item No.: SA67303-8
from $249.00
Cardplayers at a Large Table - Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki
Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki
Item No.: SA21892-6
from $199.00
Cardsharps and Fortune Teller - Nicolas Regnier
Nicolas Regnier
Item No.: SA54961-8
from $249.00
Evening at the Piazza - Giacomo Ceruti
Giacomo Ceruti
Item No.: SA33315-8
from $249.00
Ferrymen Playing Cards - George Caleb Bingham
George Caleb Bingham
Item No.: SA31770-8
from $249.00
Guardroom with Soldiers Playing Cards - Jacob Duck
Jacob Duck
Item No.: SA40490-6
from $199.00
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Displaying 1 to 21 (of 46 oil paintings)

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