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Baptism Paintings


baptism paintings

 are always 100% hand-painted on high grade canvas by one of our skilled artists.
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Woodland Baptism - Henry Sanderson
Henry Sanderson
Item No.: RE38675-9
from $299.00
Baptism of Christ - Bartolome Esteban Murillo
Bartolome Esteban Murillo
Item No.: RE16186-9
from $299.00
Baptism of Christ - Juan Fernandez De Navarrete
Juan Fernandez De Navarrete
Item No.: RE48873-10
from $349.00
The Baptism of the Eunuch - Rembrandt Van Rijn
Rembrandt Van Rijn
Item No.: RE61591-8
from $249.00
The Baptism of Christ - Andrea del Verrocchio
Andrea del Verrocchio
Item No.: RE13894-9
from $299.00
The Baptism of Christ with a Donor - Giovanni Battista Moroni
Giovanni Battista Moroni
Item No.: RE33939-9
from $299.00
Baptism of the Conde - Adolphe Alexander Lesrel
Adolphe Alexander Lesrel
Item No.: RE10361-10
from $349.00
A Philadelphia Anabaptist Immersion During a Storm - Pavel Petrovich Svinin
Pavel Petrovich Svinin
Item No.: RE57360-9
from $299.00
After the Baptism, Pont Aven - Frank C Penfold
Frank C Penfold
Item No.: RE29335-7
from $229.00
Baptism of Christ - Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer
Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer
Item No.: RE48433-10
from $349.00
Baptism of Christ - Joachim Patenier
Joachim Patenier
Item No.: RE44446-8
from $249.00
Baptism of Christ [detail] - Pietro Perugino
Pietro Perugino
Item No.: RE60419-10
from $349.00
Baptism of St Zenobius and His Appointment as Bishop - Sandro Botticelli
Sandro Botticelli
Item No.: RE62960-9
from $299.00
Baptism of the Moorish Chamberlain - Gillis Claesz D'Hondecoeter
Gillis Claesz D'Hondecoeter
Item No.: RE33599-6
from $199.00
Predella: Baptism of Christ - Bartolomeo Di Giovanni
Bartolomeo Di Giovanni
Item No.: RE16307-9
from $299.00
Sacrament of Baptism - Nicolas Poussin
Nicolas Poussin
Item No.: RE54873-10
from $349.00
Scenes from the Life of Christ: 7. Baptism of Christ (Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padua) - Giotto Di Bondone
Giotto Di Bondone
Item No.: RE33749-10
from $349.00
Scenes from the Life of Saint John the Baptist - Master the Baptist
Master the Baptist
Item No.: RE53097-9
from $299.00
St Ansanus Baptizing - Giovanni Di paolo
Giovanni Di paolo
Item No.: RE34373-9
from $299.00
St Augustine Baptizes the Cathechumens - Girolamo Genga
Girolamo Genga
Item No.: RE34600-10
from $349.00
St Philip Baptizing the Eunuch of Candace - Claude Vignon
Claude Vignon
Item No.: RE21176-8
from $249.00
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Displaying 1 to 21 (of 31 oil paintings)

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