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Stream and Pond Paintings


stream and pond paintings

 are always 100% hand-painted on high grade canvas by one of our skilled artists.
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Displaying 64 to 84 (of 326 oil paintings)
A Pastoral Landscape - Thomas Moran
Thomas Moran
Item No.: LS65944-5
from $179.00
A Path Along the River - Charles Harold Davis
Charles Harold Davis
Item No.: LS19185-5
from $179.00
A Pine Forest at Castel Fusano - Jules Didier
Jules Didier
Item No.: LS49134-8
from $249.00
A Rocky Landscape with a Torrent of Water - Henri Harpignies
Henri Harpignies
Item No.: LS37430-5
from $179.00
A Stream in the Wood - Asher Brown Durand
Asher Brown Durand
Item No.: LS15721-5
from $179.00
A Turn of the River Loing, Summer - Alfred Sisley
Alfred Sisley
Item No.: LS12546-4
from $169.00
A View Of Whitby From The Moors - John Brett
John Brett
Item No.: LS45363-4
from $169.00
A Wooded Landscape With A Stream - Henri Harpignies
Henri Harpignies
Item No.: LS38258-5
from $179.00
A Wooded River Landscape - Alexander Joseph Daiwaille
Alexander Joseph Daiwaille
Item No.: LS12059-4
from $169.00
Agay Landscape - Armand Guillaumin
Armand Guillaumin
Item No.: LS15118-5
from $179.00
Along the Creek (also known as Zionsville) - Theodore Clement Steele
Theodore Clement Steele
Item No.: LS64821-5
from $179.00
An Extensive River Landscape With A Young Girl Balancing On A Gate - Harry Sutton Palmer
Harry Sutton Palmer
Item No.: LS36546-5
from $179.00
An outlet of the Fosano Canal - Giulio Aristide Sartorio
Giulio Aristide Sartorio
Item No.: LS34665-6
from $199.00
Annisquam - William Lamb Picknell
William Lamb Picknell
Item No.: LS69504-5
from $179.00
At the Edge of the Pond - Walter Launt Palmer
Walter Launt Palmer
Item No.: LS68304-5
from $179.00
Autumn at Saint-Priva - Henri Harpignies
Henri Harpignies
Item No.: LS37431-5
from $179.00
Autumn Landscape - Hugh Bolton Jones
Hugh Bolton Jones
Item No.: LS39260-5
from $179.00
Backwater at Wargrave - John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent
Item No.: LS46525-4
from $169.00
Banks of the River - Jasper Francis Cropsey
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Item No.: LS42629-5
from $179.00
Banks of the River - Leon Richet
Leon Richet
Item No.: LS50418-4
from $169.00
Bathing - William M Hart
William M Hart
Item No.: LS69578-5
from $179.00
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Displaying 64 to 84 (of 326 oil paintings)

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