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Abstract Paintings

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Written by deborah schneider on February 15, 2013

There are many styles that painters implement when they create a masterpiece. One of these many styles that are becoming popular nowadays is contemporary abstract paintings. These types of paintings are the same as an abstract painting but are enhanced by modernism. When we say contemporary abstract paintings, this means that the painting signifies a modern issue or a reality, though abstract and meaning is not certain, contemporary paintings display a powerful vortex that draws attention and makes people be critical when it comes to incorporating the abstract painting to any real modern issue of today.

Abstract art is a technique which is behind realism and is touched by the contemporary style at the same time. Abstract art was popularized by many Renaissance European painters such as Pablo Picasso as well as many others. Together, these artists contributed to abstract art and are the propagandists in contemporary abstract paintings.

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Written by deborah schneider on February 15, 2013

A long time ago, paintings already existed even though they were not like what you see in some art galleries today. If you happen to be a painter, then you will be able to recognize the kind of painting that is from long ago. I’m talking about the abstract paintings that are created making use of a visual communication of components to achieve something like an illusion of the real thing. It’s actually not a clear vision of the subject but instead, the author is trying to make viewers use their imagination so that they can understand what the artist is trying to create, unlike the one you see in other kinds of finished paintings where what you see is what you get. In abstract painting, you have to be imaginative to understand what the artist is really painting on the canvas.

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Written by valerie vakili on February 13, 2013

The art movement known as Abstract expressionism was considered to be an American post-World War II movement. This movement was the initial American movement to obtain worldwide impact and place New York City within the heart of the traditional western art culture, a task previously accomplished by Paris, France. Even though the phrase "abstract expressionism" was initially ascribed to American art in the mid 1940's due to art critic Robert Coates statements, it was initially founded in Germany in 1919 inside the periodical Der Sturm, pertaining to German Expressionism. In the U.S., a man named Alfred Barr had been the first person to make use of this expression in the late 1920's.

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Written by valerie vakili on February 13, 2013
Abstract paintings are a free flow expression of the work that an artist transfers to canvas oil paintings. Abstract art is created to get the attention of a viewer and evoke a response that is emotional. Many viewers feel that abstract art is a way of viewing objects creatively, viewing settings within an environment, or even people. Many critics feel that abstract art or abstract paintings can either complicate a subject or simply the subject. Abstract paintings and abstract art tends to be a visual way of speaking to the viewer with the use of color and form. Certainly one of the most important parts of abstract paintings is they tend to create a visual image of a subject without actually using definitive properties of a particular subject.

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