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Abstract Paintings

Written by valerie vakili on February 13, 2013

Abstract paintings are a free flow expression of the work that an artist transfers to canvas oil paintings. Abstract art is created to get the attention of a viewer and evoke a response that is emotional. Many viewers feel that abstract art is a way of viewing objects creatively, viewing settings within an environment, or even people. Many critics feel that abstract art or abstract paintings can either complicate a subject or simply the subject. Abstract paintings and abstract art tends to be a visual way of speaking to the viewer with the use of color and form. Certainly one of the most important parts of abstract paintings is they tend to create a visual image of a subject without actually using definitive properties of a particular subject. Many viewers of abstract art find it misleading, confusing, or elusive and difficult to understand. Take some time and browse through an online art gallery of abstract paintings. You will find it fascinating and hopefully realize that there may be more than meets the eye. Then draw your own conclusions about abstract paintings.