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Abstract Paintings

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There are many definitions of abstract art and abstract paintings. One of the most widely accepted definitions is that it is a free flowing expression of the artwork that the artist has created. Abstract art is meant to get attention and evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Some people have said that abstract art is a highly creative way of viewing objects, settings, people or the world. This art style can either simplify or further complicate a subject. One misconception about abstract art is that it tends to simplify the subject of the oil painting. This is often not true. Abstract painting is a visual method of communication through the use of color and form. It creates an image without having the real properties of the subject matter.

Abstract paintings can be difficult to understand. They are often elusive, confusing, obscure, perplexing, puzzling, complicated, misleading, misunderstood or difficult to understand by the viewer. The style often exaggerates or simplifies the subject of the oil paintings.

Abstract art and abstract paintings are sometimes referred to as Abstract Expressionism art. This method of expression is sometimes referred to as "pure" abstract painting. These paintings do not appear to reflect reality with respect to form or design. One can see color, shapes, patterns and lines as expressed by the artist, but not a clear definition of form. Such paintings are often completely unrecognizable. So why do the artists express themselves this way? There is more than meets the eye. Take a moment and view the abstract art and abstract paintings in our galleries so you can draw your own conclusions. Enjoy browsing our oil paintings gallery.

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